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Santa relaxing in bath tub.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, they say, and yet for many of us, the run up to the festive season can be a headache. Decorating the house, stocking up the cupboards and planning Christmas dinner, buying gifts for friends and family…it all takes its toll on our stress levels. In fact, by the time you get through the holiday season, you may feel so exhausted that you are in need of a proper break!

But Christmas need not be so stressful. Here are our tips to get through it in a far more relaxed state of mind.

1) Get organised

You will feel better prepared by organising yourself in advance. Make lists or keep a diary with all the chores you need to do. Seeing it in front of you and being able to cross things off as you go along will make it much easier.

2) Share the load

Biting off more than you can chew will only lead to exhaustion, so don’t take everything on yourself. Why not get other family members to contribute to Christmas dinner, getting them to each bring a dish with them?

3) Get plenty of sleep

Make sure your body is ready for the demands of this hectic time by getting enough rest. If you are enjoying some time off work, why not have a lie in? You will feel rested and ready to face the New Year after some downtime.

4) Everything in moderation

It may be tempting to do everything to excess – eat, drink and party – but that’s not particularly healthy and you’ll only feel the worse for wear afterwards. By all means enjoy the odd glass or two of wine and treat yourself to that bit of Christmas cake, but know when enough’s enough.

5) Take some time out

With all that is going on, you need some respite every now and again to de-stress. Meditation is an ideal method of relaxing, or perhaps chill out with a long bath and some soothing music.

6) Keep up your exercise routine

Physical activity is essential for a healthy body and mind, so don’t neglect your usual routine when times get busy. Ensure you put some time aside to do your exercise. You will feel all the better for it and more able to cope with the challenges that lie ahead.