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Age Regression Hypnotherapy

Age Regression Hypnotherapy is, when someone is suffering from a phobia, depression, low self-esteem or fear based problems.

It may feel as if they have been this way all of their lives. This is because they can’t remember what happened to trigger the problem.

When something traumatic happens, especially to a very young child, the memory becomes buried in the subconscious part of the mind. Even though the conscious mind has no memory of the event, it is still there and can make itself felt by causing a range of symptoms, both mental and physical.

The only way to alleviate the symptoms is to use age regression. You have to go back to where the problem started, using hypnosis.  The therapist can pinpoint the exact time in the client’s life when the trauma occurred and by restructuring the memory going forward, can eliminate the symptoms completely.

The wonderful thing about age regression therapy is the speed at which change can be made. In the case of phobias for instance, one session is usually all that is needed, that is because a phobia, while dramatic, normally only has one traumatic cause.

In my experience, it would be rare to have to see a client more than three times.

Age regression, used properly, is an amazing tool.