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Confidence Hypnosis

Confidence hypnosis is a proven method for those who feel they are struggling with issues surrounding self-confidence. When you lack in this area, all other aspects of life are affected. Thanks to clinical hypnotherapy, those work meetings won’t seem so bad after all!

Negative Effects of Low Self Confidence

  • You find particular situations hard to deal with; such as meeting new people, or going to a job interview
  • Inability to deal with criticism
  • Failing at anything is a scary prospect
  • Past mistakes hinder progress
  • It is common for you to be concerned over what others may think about you
  • There is more focus on the negative personal attributes rather than the positive
  • Achieving success is an obsession that leaves you feeling unworthy
  • Consistent feelings of inadequacy

Hypnotherapy for Improving Confidence

The experiences that you had during your childhood have shaped you into the person that you are today. Whether those experiences were good or bad, they have already made an impact in your life. Poor self-confidence stems from early experiences, so this can be hard to “unlearn” since many suffers have subconscious issues.

This is where regression hypnosis comes in. The process will access your subconscious, and help you to discover the cause of your issues. In doing so, you will improve your response to everyday situations that would usually create a sense of fear. For example, if you experienced bullying as a child, hypnosis will allow you to face these same experiences as an adult. The ability to rationalize what happened from a mature perspective will help you to finally leave the negative experiences in the past and move forwards.

Learning to think differently will allow you to look both your personal and professional goals in a healthier way. With a stronger sense of confidence, you can enjoy life with a renewed perspective.

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