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Sleep Hypnosis

At the present time hypnotherapy is becoming more and more popular for those suffering with insomnia or other sleep related issues. Here at Hypno-Haven, clinical hypnotherapist Martin Neary can offer you the latest treatment to ensure you get the perfect nights rest.

Signs of Insomnia

If you suffer with insomnia, then usually you will experience one of the following:

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Numerous restless nights
  • Problems waking very early

Some people experience all of these symptoms. If you have struggled with insomnia for an extended period of time, then you will find that there is a knock-on effect in all other aspects of life. Work and relationships with loved ones, for example, often suffer as a result. It is not unusual to constantly feel anxious, emotionally vulnerable, and constantly tired, as sleep deprivation has a negative effect on your physical and mental health. This means that you will lose the capacity to react to situations in a normal manner.

Why can’t I Sleep?

When you feel tired, aren’t you supposed to naturally drift off to sleep? Should it really take effort? You may be going through difficult experiences in your life regarding finances, work, personal issues, problems regarding relationships etc.  Internalizing these issues can disrupt the natural process of sleep.

An unsettled mind can lead to ‘over-dreaming’, and our body has a natural response to this that results in you waking up earlier than usual. This is also known as ‘early-waking’ syndrome. If you experience disrupted nights for a long time, then it is easier to get stressed and turn the odd experience into a long-term habit.

The Benefits of Sleep Hypnotherapy Treatment

Short term treatments such as sleeping tablets and natural remedies are a common option for those suffering with insomnia, but the effects eventually wear thin. Regular usage will weaken the impact however, so this requires the user to continually increase their recommended dosage in order to get results.

Sleep hypnosis is an extremely calming process, free of harmful side effects. It is completely unique in comparison to other methods of treatment relating to this issue, and you will receive professional treatment that will aid you in establishing healthy sleeping patterns once more.

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