A depressed man with a dark sky above

    Depression Hypnosis

    These days, depression is a common condition. This overwhelming sense of negativity can often deter any possibility of a positive breakthrough.

    A medical nurse holding a patients hand

    Medical Hypnosis

    Research shows that there are large benefits from using medical hypnosis to treat those who suffer with a related condition.

    An aeroplane just taking off the runway

    Hypnosis for Phobias

    A phobia is an ‘irrational fear of a specific thing or situation’. Through clinical hypnosis, you can learn to deal with the fear.

    A picture of a regression metronome scale

    Regression Hypnosis

    Regression Hypnosis is a very popular form of therapy, especially due to the fact you can get results without the need of drugs or medication.

    A road sign arrow pointing to self esteem

    Self Esteem Hypnosis

    Most people would understand both self-confidence and self-esteem to mean the same thing, when there is actually a difference.

    A man in bed hitting alarm clock with hammer

    Sleep Hypnosis

    Hypnotherapy for sleep is becoming more and more popular for those suffering with insomnia.

    A golf ball being placed on a tee

    Sports Hypnosis

    Fitness, mental capacity, and technical skills all play a huge part in your sporting ability.

    The words yes you can with a red heart symbol

    Confidence Hypnosis

    Confidence hypnosis is a proven method for those who feel they are struggling with issues surrounding confidence.

    A fountain pen writing the words anxiety

    Hypnosis for Anxiety

    At the forefront of Essex hypnotherapy, you can rest assured that you will receive the best service for your personal requirements.

    An angry man shouting at mobile phone

    Anger Management Hypnosis

    Anger management hypnosis will teach you that these feelings don’t have to be hidden, and prove that there is a healthy way to express this emotion.

    A measuring tape around an apple and weights

    Weight Loss Hypnosis

    When considering the most appropriate method to lose weight, most people use physical methods in the aim of achieving physical results. For example, diets deal with the types of food you consume, and exercising relates to your fitness level.