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Two people holding hands.

The season of goodwill can bring with it a lot of stress and intolerance often because we are trying to fit in too many things and keep everyone around us happy or at least in some state of contentment whether family, friends, employers or our neighbours.

There can be an endless list of chores to fulfil or plans to sort out to such extent that we forget to step back, take a little time to look around and enjoy what we see. Hours of food preparation or house decoration, street lighting or flower and candle arrangements are wasted if no one actually stops to look and appreciate them.

Life holds enough pressures on a daily basis just getting to work on time, finding those highly prized parking spaces, visiting relatives, travelling, volunteering, looking after children or grandchildren, taking part in local community events, all of which seem to come on top of each other, and of course the inevitable shopping for festive fare. Yet this is one of the most important times to notice not just the many lovely things that may be around you, including nature, but also the people.

It can be so easy to miss the obvious and most of us can feel that we’re in an imposition to share our thoughts and concerns with others, at this time of year particularly, but many people need that one bit of kindness or simple enquiry into their well being. It can make such a difference between feeling alone or befriended, wanted or outcast, insecure or confident, sad or joyful. Not every, unhappy, human state can be solved by medicines or therapy.

Take time for kind words with people around you and reach out to anyone you know who may not be in a good place. This can mean so much more than any gift. Remember to be kind to yourself too. Your health, welfare and self esteem are important tools for succeeding in the New Year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.